Usage Guide

Developed with the KIS (Keep It Simple) philosophy in mind, Final Coat provides a durable and virtually flawless finish when applied in the following manner:

  1. Pour or spray a small amount of Final Coat into a damp cotton cloth (old t-shirts are perfect.)
  2. Gently WIPE the surface you wish to finish.
  3. Allow the surface to dry (3 to 5 minutes under ideal conditions.)
  4. Apply another coat.
  5. Continue in this manner until you achieve the finish you desire.

Wood Finishes

For staining raw wood, or altering the look of existing finshes on cabinetry or furniture:
  1. Simply mix several drops of acrylic paint, UTC, or dry pigments to Final Coat and apply as directed above until the depth of color you desire is achieved.

  2. Then apply a few coats of clear Final Coat for a final finish.

For the Decorative Painter or Crafter....

Final Coat can be applied to virtually any surface to seal and protect your Art Work.

For painted surfaces such as delicate linework or washes or over dark colors:
  1. Tap on the first coat of Final Coat

  2. Allow it to dry

  3. Apply 3 to 5 coats with the wipe on method

To seal Candles prior to painting:
  1. Apply Final Coat and allow it to dry.

  2. Paint as usual.
For a beautiful Glass like finish after painting, tap on one coat then wipe on several coats, allowing each to dry before applying the next.

Using Final Coat as an Antiqueing Medium:

Tint Final Coat with acrylic paint, the color is your choice. This technique offers you tremendous control and versatility, as you work up to the finish you want!

Use Final Coat over Genesis Heat set oils:

Final Coat is excellent over Genesis Heat set oils. Simply wipe Final Coat over fully cured and dry paint.
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