Usage Guide

Fini is an acrylic water-based fast dry glaze used for all types of faux finishes.

Typically glazes are slow drying latex formulas. Fini achieves brilliant results by allowing the user to continually apply light transparencies of color over virtually any surface. Any number of colors may be used consecutively.

For the Decorative Painter and Crafter:

Fini is an amazing product that will replace a range of mediums in your paint kit. Used INSTEAD of water for your acrylics, Fini is a miracle Float medium. Imagine smooth, even, consistant floats, excellent for the beginner and perfect for the advanced painter.

For the Perfect Float:
Dress your brush with Fini for basecoating, it's wonderful leveling properties help eliminate brush marks, leaving you with smooth even basecoats that require little or no sanding.

Dressing your brush with Fini for strokework, gives you excellent control. Paint flows smoothly off the brush making strokes smooth and consistant while maintaining the durability and color intensity of your paint. Overstroking is virtually eliminated. Pour a capfull of Fini into an egg cup or a shot glass and go ahead and paint. Use the water for rinsing and cleaning your brushes but when you paint, use fini!

Once you have tried it, you'll wonder what you ever did without it!!

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